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FA Drawing Contest

Competition Date:
July 1st - July 18th, 2009


Sometimes, when I tell others about my many food allergies, the usual response is "oh, I'm sorry-that stinks."  However, I have always tried to look on the positive side; such as having a much healthier diet with almost no processed foods and more fruit and vegetables...
The theme for this year's Drawing Contest is to draw a picture that captures either a past memory or a future instance where food allergies have had a positive impact on your life.
  • For Example, eating a nutritious meal, a future realization of how allergies opened your eyes to the importance of a healthy diet and exercise and lead to a healthy future, or how you got to skip out on those yucky, unhealthy, school lunches and bring your own...etc.
  • The contestants must have food allergies, or know someone that has allergies (maybe they eat lunch with them at school, etc.)
  • There will be four winners in age groups (5-8), (9-12), (13-15), and (16+).
How to Enter:

Mail your picture to:
Food Allergy Talk
1533 W. Behrend Dr. 
Phoenix, Az 85027


Scan/take a picture of your drawing and email it to

Please check back for updated information.  Thank you and good luck!

*Entries into this contest are subject to be used for promotional purposes-with or without personal consent. Names, states of residence, and the pictures from the entries may be used to promote the contest or Food Allergy Talk. If you do not wish to share this information, you must notify Andrea G., otherwise it can be used without warning. Further information will not be used. By entering in the contest you agree to these terms (unless otherwise discussed with Andrea). For further questions, please email me at