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Milk Alternatives

  • Rice milk
  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk 
  • Soy Milk

There are many flavors available in these alternate milk beverages, often including vanilla, chocolate, and original. Don't be afraid to have some fun--make chocolate Popsicles, hot cocoa, or dip your favorite cookies!

When finding a milk replacement, be aware if you are allergic to gluten!  Some rice milks may gluten in it, some are labeled, some are hidden.

Milk Allergies: The Facts

   Patients with very sensitive milk allergy can react to a very small quantity of milk, or milk protein, including minor contamination, or inhalation of milk powder.  Milk contamination of a product is possible if the same manufacturing equipment is used for various products.  There is also a carryover effect when one product is used in the manufacture of another.  You should be aware when ordering sliced products from a place that uses the same tool to slice all foods. 

  Hypoallergenic milk formulas have been used as a milk replacement for children with milk hypersensitivity.  However, some hypoallergenic milk formulas are not non-allergenic, and many children may still react to the formula.


  Soy products are often used to replace the use of cow’s milk, with people assuming that the soy milk will be free of cow’s milk.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  “Vegetarian” cheese may contain cow’s milk protein.  This term means that the rennet used in its manufacture is of vegetable origin.


Labels that indicate the presence of Milk Protein:


Artificial butter flavor, butter, butter fat, buttermilk solids, carmel color, caramel flavoring,  casein, caseinate, cheese, cream curds, emulsifier, "de-lactosed' whey, demineralized whey, dried milk, dry milk solids, fully cream milk powder, high protein flavor, lactalbumin, lactalbumin phosphate, lactose, milk, milk derivate, milk protein, milk solids, natural flavoring, pasterized milk, protein, rennet casein, skim milk powder, solids, sour cream, sour milk solids, whey, whey powder, whey protein concentrate, and yogurt.


WARNING!:!:     Casein (a milk protein) may be found in soy milk, and also is found in baby formulas- Although the label says they are milk free.  (This is because they are not "milk protein free")


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