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Welcome!  I am beyond excited to create this page! has been through many changes over the past 7+ years since I've been working on it-starting when I was in middle school. Please allow me to introduce to you our next mission!

FoodAllergyTalk is the one and only online international support group that is dedicated towards working with Universities and High school students across the U.S. and around the world to create chapters and clubs, which act as support and awareness groups for students in high school and college. These groups are created through FoodAllergyTalk, and together we will form an original, collective international level of support for teens and young adults. 

Are you ready!? Email me at (Hi, I'm Andrea :) and let me know that you're interested in finding out more information and/or starting a club or chapter at your high school or college/university.  Be the voice, leader, and make change for those who are soon to follow in your footsteps. 

Schools that are already making a difference: 

Arizona State University: FoodAllergyTalk [ASU]
  • Founded in 2009 by Andrea G. (freshman)
  • Meeting times for 2011, TBD
  • Club summary: FoodAllergyTalk [ASU] has three goals:  raise food allergy awareness in the community, act as a resource and source of support for the ASU community, and work to increase the availability of allergy-friendly foods on campus.  We are raising awareness in the community by acting as the logistics committee for the annual Arizona Walk for Food Allergy (2010 we had a very successful Walk, with more than 700 attendees and raising more than $42,000), and offering informational presentations to other organizations/entities on campus.  Collaboration is key to awareness.  We welcome those who both do and do not have allergies; sharing information and experiences helps increase awareness, provides alternative food information, and helps give others an inside look at living with food allergies.
*YOUR SCHOOL HERE!! Email me to start a club at your school!  


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