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Founder Andrea Oswald (Garza) created as an 8th grader in 2004. Motivated by her own diagnosis in 2003, she soon felt compelled to share the information she was learning with others. Personal support and information was sparse in 2003. We have all come a very long way. And unfortunately, the amount of individuals suffering from food allergies or food-related sensitivities and diseases has continued to rise. was created for the purpose of sharing information, facts, tips, and support for those recently diagnosed with food allergies. Specifically, Andrea wanted to reach out to teens and young adults who were diagnosed. As a teen herself, she found that there was absolutely no information helping this age group. As a result, founded the FoodAllergyTalk [ASU]  club at Arizona State University as a Freshman in 2009. This allowed her to have face-to-face contact with those who truly needed help and support to adapt to a university setting.

Food Allergy Talk has become a strong allergy community and powerful online network of support. Here at, there are a multitude of opportunities for people to get involved, reach out, find information, help others, and ask for help with original and personal questions.

This website is a virtual location for others to unite and find the information they need, and to know that no matter what, you are not alone, and there is an entire community of people willing to reach out and help you on your journey towards discovering food allergies.

Wishes of Health,

Andrea Oswald

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