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Food Allergy Privacy Policy

Newsletter Policy:

The owner of Food Allergy will never release the email or names of its subscribers to anyone.  The host used for the newsletter ( will never release information.'s privacy policy:
"We will neither use, nor disclose the email addresses or personal information of your subscribers to any third party unless we are compelled by law or, in our sole discretion, whenever we believe an emergency, illegal activity or some other reasonable basis exists for notifying or providing such information to the appropriate authorities."



If you submit a question, this means that it may be posted on the website (usually in the Question&Answer page).  Your email or contact information will never be given out to anyone.  If necessary, your first name may be used, but your other personal info will not be used.


Forums/Chat rooms:

The information/dialog exchanged/posted is part of public property.  The chat room is not monitored, so make sure to be careful.  The forums are monitored regularly.  The text on those pages that have been posted by others is not directly associated with, and cannot act as so.




If you have questions please contact me.