Food Allergy

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  • Shellfish allergies often means your allergic to the proteins, however this can also mean your body reacts to the gelatin in the fish product.
  •  Most people must avoid all types of fish if they are allergic to any one of them.
  • Like any food allergy, always be cautious for cross-contamination (don't go into a fish restaurant and order a hamburger, because more than likely there will be contamination). 
  • Always be on your toes.  It's likely that you can react by the smell of fish (many do, wether it makes you feel sick, or you have a more serious reaction).

If you are allergic to shellfish, than avoid these ingredients in anything that you may eat:

  • abalone
  • clam: cherrystone, littleneck, pismo, quahog
  • crab
  • crawfish, crayfish, ecrevisse
  • lobster, langouste, langoustine, scampi, coral, tomalley
  • mussels
  • oyster
  • scallops
  • mollusks
  • shrimp, prawns, crevette
  • cockle, periwinkle, sea urchin

Common foods containing Shellfish:
Asian sauces and dishes (egg rolls etc)
Thai food
Chinese food
Japanese food
Vietnamese food
Fish sauce
Fish soup
Fish balls
Shrimp balls, noodles, chips
Shrimp salad roll
Prawn chips
Haw Gow
Sui My
Taro Cake
Daikon cake
Fish/shellfish flavouring
Stuffing (check labels)
Worcestershire sauce

Common foods is provided by FAI