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    Soy is so widly distributed in processed foods that to avoid it in your diet is very difficult!  Soy can be added as a compound-for example; if a margarine is added to a food product, it will be listed, but soy presented in the margarine itself will not be listed on the ingredients pannel.  
         Soybean lectin is also a very important allergen, and has been associated with allergic reactions-esspecialy if you are allergic to soy.  Soybeans can be ingested as whole beans, as flour, or as oil.  Soybean flour is often added to cerial flour and is used a lot in the baking industry.  Some breads, pastries, cakes, biscuits, baby foods, sausages, processed meats, hamburgers, and other meat products, may contain soy.  Also, fermented soybean may be used in the preparation of soy sauce, or Worcestershire sauce.  (Fermented soy is in wide use in the far East).

          Soy can be used in a variety of ways, for example; a texturizer, emulsifier, or a protien filler-and there for, must be listed on the ingredient pannel according to it's use.

Soy can be labled on an ingredients pannel as:
           Hydrolized proyien, lecithin, gum arabic, bulking agent, carob, emulsifier, guar gum, hydrolized vegetable protien (HVP), lecithin, miso, MSG (monosodium glutamate), protien, protien extender, soy flour, soy nuts, soy panthenol, soy protein, soy protein isolate or concentrate, soy ssauce, soybean, soybean oil, stabalizer, starch, Texturized vegetable protein (TVP), thickener, tofu, vegetable starch, vegetable broth, and vegetable gum

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All shortenings contain SOY!  The one brand I use that does not contain SOY is "Organic Shortening, all vegetable", and the brand is Spectrum Naturals.